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Developed From the Ground Up for Demanding Sales Managers Like You.


Leverage the Proven Power of Storytelling

Hook 'em with the

Very First Line

Politicians, religious leaders, and military heroes have harnessed the power of storytelling for thousands of years. Why? Because stories are effective!

And yet when you claim you've built a serious learning tool for businesses rooted in the premise of storytelling, well … that's just not how it's done in the corporate world, right?


It's time to challenge that.


Stories have proven time and time again to be an effective and memorable method of imparting information. That's because ...


  • Stories put the listener in a mental learning mode by overcoming our natural bias and resistance to learning new things.


  • Stories are easier to remember than bare fact and that makes them better at generating results than yet another dry memo or boring email.


  • Stories are contagious and the best ones will spread inspiration and motivation through your sales force.


We embrace the powerful impact storytelling can have within a company. And we created The Weekly Sales Beast to be the first organized program that capitalized on stories tailored to a corporate audience.


We designed our One, Two and Three Year Program around the goal of introducing and reinforcing positive sales skills and behaviors to teams of sales people with a broad range of experience – all through the power of stories. 

How to Make People Hang on Your

Every Word

It's Like Having a Cup of Coffee with a Mentor  

All This in Just

5 Minutes

Each Week? 

This Is Why Most Teachers are Poor

You Won't Find This in Most Training Manuals

Few things excite curiosity the way stories do.


Every segment title, the first contact the reader has with the story, is written to pique curiosity and interest.


We hook 'em with the first line and your people are determined to read the story through to the end for the payoff.  

Douglas James Martin is the creator and author of The Weekly Sales Beast.


He's also a “boots on the ground” salesperson with more than 40 years of in-field experience.


Every reader understands that Martin has made sales calls his whole life and is qualified to speak to the topic. The stories he tells aren't spouted from a textbook; they're borne from hard-earned experience.


Your people will recognize this, and they'll happily pay attention to “one of their own”. 

We all learn best from people we trust.


Each of The Weekly Sales Beast segments reveal a sliver of the author's personality, allowing the reader to get an inside peek at the person behind the learning scenarios.


Trust and understanding form from weekly encounters until eventually the reader begins to know – and heed the advice of – the author.


Every segment is written to the standard of Martin's Trademarked Customer Relationship Building criteria of EPIG: Education, Participation, Integration, and Gratification.

Attention spans are brief and tough to capture, especially in a real territory environment.


The Weekly Sales Beast was designed with respect for your and your people's time in mind.


That's why no The Weekly Sales Beast segment exceeds 1,000 words and can be consumed in just 5 minutes.


The “bite-sized” format for every segment makes it easy for companies to tangibly support a very brief commitment ask each week from their salespeople.

We are a people obsessed with entertainment, NOT education.


That's why we pay actors millions of dollars for a few days work and most teachers have to bus tables or ring up groceries during the summer months to make ends meet.


That's not a value judgment; it's an objective observation.


Readers who chuckle a little rank content value higher than if they don’t – they appreciate being entertained.


Weaving wit and humor throughout each segment in The Weekly Sales Beast lightens the serious educational undertones and helps bring the message home.


Do You Hate

Junk Mail as Much

as I Do?

The Weekly Sales Beast drives a single learning point each week across a broad range of disciplines – the program highlights both essential sales mechanics as well as nuances that often get left out of the discussion.


In fact, many of the segments deal with issues only experienced in a field environment that wouldn’t typically find their way into standard sales learning manuals.


Every story will fall into a learning category of Strategic, Tactical or Attitudinal to ensure your people benefit from a robust and rounded curriculum.

Results You Can Measure

Much of today’s electronic communications are cluttered with obtrusive sidebars and banner ads, distracting hotlinks and other advertising messages that torpedo focus and sink attention spans.


The Weekly Sales Beast is deliberately designed to focus attention solely on the editorial content. There are no distractions on the content pages at all.


Readers see a simple program logo, an unobtrusive title and written content which has been set in a soft serif type at 70% black to be relaxing to the eye. Nothing more. Ever.


You're paying for powerful sales education, not garish junk mail. 

Electronic delivery methods come with high tractability features and The Weekly Sales Beast enjoys a high open /read rate.


But to ensure frontline compliance is adhered to, we’ve built a sales manager-driven Trivia Quiz Tactic that ensures recipients engage with and benefit from the content. Details are revealed during a more formal presentation of our program. 

Are you Ready?

Why not contact Doug Martin directly?

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