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In a Nut Shell.

Key Sales Managment Benefits.

The Weekly Sales Beast was developed as an in-­territory selling skills resource used to reinforce positive sales behavior across a broad pallet of real world situations. It is simply the most unique sales educational program in the market. Spanning up to two years in duration, The Weekly Sales Beast sits on the shoulder of a field professional for five minutes each week and tells a humorous narrative about selling skills.


Authored by sales master Douglas Martin in his legendary “Will Rogers” humorist style, each segment deals with a strategic, tactical or attitudinal aspect of selling in the real world .


The concept of having a skills reinforcement program that was continual, entertaining, time sensitive and relevant to the working lives of sales people was quickly embraced by corporate leaders such as Dow AgroSciences, Univar International, Mercer Bradley and Monsanto, to name just a few.

  • Provide your company with an educationally based frontline tactic, which will be appreciated and embraced by the entire sales team regardless of their level of experience.                                            

  • Deliver 58-110 shots of knowledge directly into the email boxes of revenue generators. A dependable continuous program has incremental impact in the learning cycle.                                          

  • Easy to implement and maintain. It takes only moments to confirm your team as recipients and execute the launch protocol; from that point The Weekly Sales Beast team will ensure your people receive each of the 58-110 lessons in the series.                               

  • Enhances the management/rep relationship through shared knowledge. Allowing you to deliver a valuable sales resource program without the headache of how to keep it going and who's going to do the work.                                                                          

  • Enjoy a high compliance rate. Over 90% of Beast readers open and engage in the content within 12 hours of receipt. Sound too good to be true? We have a “Twist” program element, which drives readership and manager interaction. Details will be shared when we talk specifics with you.                                                       

  • Offers a key discussion platform easily incorporated into scheduled meetings or just water-cooler chats. Best of all, your sales team will be better educated and more motivated as they hit the streets.

  • The Weekly Sales Beast is non-academic. Your people will enjoy and embrace The Beast because the communication style is conversational. It’s like having a cup of coffee with a mentor. Each week, a singular lesson is profiled, not a shopping list of new things to do. The points are made in Martin’s unique conversational style and subtlety implants learning all sales reps can relate to.                                                                                       

  • Time and access driven qualities that are sensitive to the real world conditions your people will appreciate. The Beast really does only take five minutes to absorb and can be read in the office, on the road or during a coffee break, on any device.              

  • A little knowledge goes a long way. Reinforcing positive sales behavior continuously through practical solution based information, enhances not only skills, but attitudes as well. Positive attitudes breed confidence and incremental results in the field.                                                                                                   

  • The Weekly Sales Beast is FROM a sales pro TO a sale pro and carries the credibility of a colleague who has worn off as much shoe leather as they have. Sales people are very leery of educators who have formulated technical processes from textbooks.                                                                                          

  • Outside experts have an incremental advantage, as they are less familiar than those they work around. Although a key part of any sales leaders duties is to nurture better skills, having that knowledge delivered from the outside often carries greater weight.                                                                                                 

  • Stories have lasting impact and are proven to be more memorable. Retention in professional development education is paramount and the style of The Beast fits perfectly into a memorable environment.

But It's Really About Your Salespeople.

1. The Basic Beast.

The foundational program is a series of 162 weekly story segments, which are broken up into a first series 58 and a second and third series of 52. Each of the segments are sent electronically in a commercial free manner to company designated recipients.


It is important to note that all Weekly Sales Beast communications are sent clean and are void of any additional links, banners, buttons, or other mechanism used to entice readers onto another area for any purpose whatsoever.


Executives are provided a physical bound copy of all segments in a book format for their advance planning and program reinforcement needs.


Cost: $3.00 per week/per recipient, which includes one book per ten recipients.


One Year (58 segments) and Full Program (162 segments) are available.

Ideal for compact sales teams of less than 20 or single subscribers

2. The Co-Branded Beast.

Ideal for larger teams and companies looking for a meaningful way to extend a tangible partnership program with alliance distributors or dealer networks.

Often our clients have an extended sales tower, which includes wholesalers, distributors or even retailers who represent their products down the tower toward end-users.


Some look to leverage the positive selling skill story-messages by including the down-line into their corporate program. An excellent way to reinforce their brand presence in the minds of sellers who are at arms lengths away.


We co-brand the electronic receiving platform, indicating to the recipient that XYZ Company is committed to their sales partnership success and therefore reinforces that message each week with the brand inclusion.


Executives down the chain receive a physical bound copy of all segments in book format, which is branded in conjunction with the hosting client. The book includes a welcome message page at the beginning of the publication that connects the host’s professional development partnership vision with the down chain.


Cost: $3.25 per week/per recipient, which includes one co-branded book per ten recipients


One Year Program (58 segments) and Full Program (162 segments) are available.

3. Customized Beast.

Clients with extended sales towers often encounter a disconnection in sales knowledge with representatives further along the chain. The integrated program develops a specific client section on “How To Sell OUR Products” which is created by Beast author Douglas Martin and is written in the same “Will Roger’s” Style of the main program.


This section guides the reader through every aspect of being successful in selling that client’s offerings. From presenting the company history to detailing market challenges and what readers need to know to overcome them. A pillar-to-post articulation of features and benefits, market positioning, objection analysis, costing justifications and presentation planning and execution.


Beyond laying critical success tools into the hands of the down line, this integrated program is also an ideal way to keep the client’s brand foremost in the minds of recipients week after week.


In this program, each recipient receives a personalized hard copy of all the segments in their purchased series, which includes the customized section.162 Co-branded weekly story segments.


Cost: $3.65 per week/per recipient, which includes one book for every recipient, program development, writing, design and formatting based on a minimum of 300 recipients.


A perfect "Product Knowledge" solution for companies whose wares are sold through a downline network of distributors or dealers.

Consider The Extrodinary Benefits of leveraging our Program Through Your Full Selling Tower.


Your marketing department is working overtime developing ways to bring your brands recognition through the selling tower to end user.  And often those tactics become diluted because the downline isn't getting behind them.


  • Offering to include your distributor and/or dealer sales teams and their executives in your professional sales development program is a tangible representation of your commitment to "Partner" in their business.  Doing this raises the table stakes of "Program Participation" into a level few have gone.  It's authentic, genuine and proves that through providing skills to their team your company is "All Serving" not "Self Serving".                                                                        

  • Each week everyone in the selling tower will see your brand attached to a relevant ever-changing message. Imagine, week in and week out sales people who touch your brand will be eye-ball to eye-ball with you around a fresh and entertaining beneficial message.                                                    

  • Becomeing more than a supplier partner, you become and educational partner committed to the fiscal health of your distributor dealer group, a position which will become exclusive to you.  Once your sales educational extension is implimented within your distributor group, no competitor can copy it.  It's all yours and it's yours for up to two years.                  

  • Each week, for five minutes you have important sales person minds locked into your brand premise while sharing something that will make them better at their jobs.  Over 80% of Weekly Sales Beast recipients report "Looking Forward" to their weekly segement-they begin to anticipate their Monday morning story, with your brand connected to it. A powerful few minutes between you and a revenue generator, for the cost of a cup of coffee.                                    

  • Beyond your exceptional product offerings, you are now able to offer potencial new customers a new "success" module as part of your overall business package.  A small addition that your competitor can't offer.  And one that goes straight to the heart of mutual beneficial business relationships-revenue generation.                                                                 

  • Connecting your dealers and distributors into a one or two year initative establishes a long-term premise and tangibly reinforces a collaborative future vision.                                                                 

  • All executives and sales managment personalle will receive a professionally bound version of all The Weekly Sales Beast segments in a manual branded with your logo as a perminant reminder of your commitment to sharing the tools of success with your valued tower partners.  



Samples of Customized Program


Manual Covers Generic:

Series One

Series Two

Full Program Combined

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