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Case Studies

Every company and every industry has their unique sales challenges.  You may find points

of commonality with our customers below and understand how they leveraged The Weekly Sales Beast to achieve some tricky desired outcomes.

Monsanto is a world leader in many facets of agriculture, and compete aggressively with their brands Round Up and DeKalb.  As part of their continuous development commitment, their sales team had completed an intensive world-class sales training program.  For post-training support their provider issued access to a web-based resource portal, which predictably was underutilized.  Continuous skills reinforcement is criticle, so we ... Request the complete case study.

Univar is a global logistics wholesaler managing a variety of commercial agriculture products and navigating their vast inventory to market through a complex network of independent retailers, larger channel accounts and various buying groups.  Recognizing growth opportunity within their independent category, Univar partnered with key supplier Dow AgroSciences, and reached out to remote retailers with a unique inclusive partnership ... Request the complete case study.

Berner International is one of North America’s top manufacturers of commercial grade Air Curtains and juggles an international roster of distributors who in turn sell their line up to local dealers.  It’s a deep sales tower and Berner felt their brand message was becoming diluted along the path.  Looking to build greater relevant mind share with their brand ambassadors The Weekly Sales Beast offered surprisingly simple solution that ... Request the complete case study.

Dow AgroSciences is a global leader in the plant sciences sector with their top brand Nexera.  Keeping brand recognition top of mind in the Goliath sized marketplace, Dow aligned with their wholesaler Univar to co-brand to bring a repetitive, yet ever changing knowledge-based communiqué out to the frontline.  The positive feedback prompted ... Request the complete case study.

The AgroMart Group is a dynamic collection of some thirty independant retailers catering to a demanding marketplace.  Skills development across their broad disaplines is a high priority but a large geography and stagering time contraints created challenges for a workable program that would meet the needs across the matrix of this vast independent group. Taking a unique approach, AgroMart's leveraged The Beast as ... Request the complete case study.

Green Air Systems is a coast-to-coast distributor of mechanical air systems with an impressive network of retailers.  Looking to add greater value within their retailer relationships, Green Air Systems undertook to bring continuous sales education into every corner of the retail network.  To maximize Green Air’s customer mission, The Weekly Sales Beast suggested we create and incorporate a custom industry module that would be  ... Request the complete case study.

Elmer's Manufacturing is a medium sized operation making specialty equipment for the farming community.  They have an outstanding quality product line up and through hard work and a solid reputation, have cultivated supportive dealers around the world. Their challenge was to find an unabtrusive method to relevantly stay closely connected to their dealer group, often a world away. We creatd a program that  ... Request the complete case study.

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