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Authors Biography

Douglas Martin


Author Douglas Martin is an entreprenuarial salesman with an extrodinary talent of weaving sales education into compeling stories.  A powerful tool in the seminar room, his trademark story-telling style is an even more powerful tool in the territory, delivered through his unique sales educational resource, The Weekly Sales Beast.


Often refered to as the "Will Rogers" of business writing Martin's ledgendary wit and real world experience resonate through each and every segement of his weekly reinforcement program.  Martin is one of the few sales educators who has not only worked a sales territory, but remains active in the selling arena every day.  A credability feature that does not go unnoticed by readers.


Cognizant of both time and circumstanses in the working territory of  salesperson recipients, this one of a kind program can be both absorbed and appreciated in five minutes or less.


Tactics, Strategies, and Attitude Enhancement, from one accomplished sales professonal, to another.



Simple.  Effective.  Relevant.


The Weekly Sales Beast 

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