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Finally, an affordable tactic that brings sales skill development and attitude empowerment directly to you…

... in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

(and for less money)

For those who compete in the take-no-prisoners world of business, only two things will give you an unprecedented advantage: Knowledge and Attitude. And yet for most on the front line of the market, building and maintaining both of those attributes has become exceptionally challenging. Time constraints and dry academic reading has hindered both ability and desire to improve these most important impact areas of business. Now there is an answer.


The Weekly Sales Beast takes recipients on a five-minute weekly educational journey through the unique and amusing story telling of author Douglas Martin, considered to be the "Will Rogers" of business writing. Used by major corporations as a sales learning and support tool, The Weekly Sales Beast has been touted as "The quintessential silent partner for any serious front line executive".


It's unique, it's different, it's connective. And incredibly cost effective.


Welcome to the new world of business education.


Our Mission:

Be Impressive.

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